Saturday, 13 September 2014

All Black Everything

If I haven't made this clear enough already: growing a baby is tiring! These days I'm usually falling asleep on the sofa by 9.30pm, so the fact that not only did I manage to stay awake until nearly midnight last night BUT I ALSO went out to a gig... well, that's just living on the edge!

The gig in question was my friend's band Desert Ships. They were playing in Camden and you should check them out, they're awesome. They really are. I wore all black everything and topped it off with a silver Brandy Melville necklace which attracted so many compliments all night - not bad for about £6, eh! Sadly it's no longer on their website, but I saw it in the Carnaby Street store last week so you can likely still find it.. just prepare yourself for a barrage of queries from strangers demanding to know where you got it!

P.S. Am now 24 weeks pregnant and counting. Feeling huge. Trying to embrace it as it means everything is growing well.. but.. yeah. Feeling huge. Pass the salad.

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