Sunday, 5 October 2014

Brick Lane & Bargains

I had a lovely day today - I met up with my good friend Sue and we had a stroll around Brick Lane for a long overdue catch up.  Sue has recently started a blog of her own to document her love of charity shop bargains - she's over at My Charity Shop Life you should check it out!

Anyways.. back to me! I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and finding myself generally bedecked in all things black, grey and white. To be honest, this isn't much of a departure from my usual wardrobe's colour scheme! Whilst I'm sporting a definite bump these days, I haven't ballooned (yet!) so am still able to make some non-maternity items work for me. Take this grey T-shirt dress, it's current H&M stock, I just bought it in a size M instead of my usual XS/S and it fits just fine.  For now.  At only £7.99 I might just get a size L when I get bigger!

Get bigger, I most certainly shall. I have a daily pregnancy app thing on my phone which tells me what I may be experiencing at my current stage of pregnancy. Today's update gleefully informed me that I may notice an acceleration in weight gain around about now, so that's something to look forward to :/ Don't be surprised if my next visual update shows me in whale-like proportions! Arrgh!

My Outfit (click for links):

Sue's Outfit:
Full details on her blog My Charity Shop Life


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