Sunday, 7 December 2014

Pregnant in Plaid

Oh hey, remember me? One side effect of being pregnant that I definitely did not expect was the lack of time to do my blog. I've moaned about this before, but my goodness I'm just exhausted all the dang time! I rarely have the energy to read blogs these days, let alone work on my own, and this fills me with regret. However, I start my maternity leave this Wednesday so I'm hoping all that extra time not spent at work will make a difference to all things Woo Be Red.. and it will definitely be easier once the baby actually arrives, riiight *maniacal laugh*.

Ahem. Let's talk clothes. It occurred to me that the pitifully few outfits I've managed to share on here during my pregnancy have all been dresses. This is not actually a true indication of my current day to day wardrobe as I've been surgically attached to maternity leggings and jeans most of the time - they're just so comfortable! Behold this example of top to toe Topshop (unsurprisingly my go-to maternity wear provider of choice). I still feel like I'm staying true to my usual style but have the luxury of an elasticated waistband (jeans) and a shirt in a forgiving bump-friendly cut. This is a big deal at 35 weeks pregnant when not much fits at all. 

Real talk: I'm now actually nearly 37 weeks pregnant so am over a week late posting these pics. What can I say? The glazed expression and those eye bags say it all: exhausted.

My Outfit (click for links):
Plaid Shirt (not on website, still in stores), Leigh Jeans, Monk Shoes: All Topshop | Casio Watch: ASOS


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  3. So happy that you are so positive being pregnant! Even thoug I've read review of that tiredness is a big deal, I hope you will get some fresh energy from your maternity leave.

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