Saturday, 14 March 2015

Three Months Old

Oh hey there! Remember me? Last time I checked in here I was about eight months pregnant wondering what the heck the future held for me. Well... since then I have (obviously!) had my baby and that has literally left me no time whatsoever to even open my laptop. Gah! 

So... quick fact firing sesh: my beautiful baby girl Maya (rhymes with cryer...) was born nearly three weeks early on 13th December and has been lighting up my life ever since.  Not gonna lie, adjusting to having an actual living, breathing, crying, nappy-soiling baby has presented many challenges but I am absolutely loving having her. I've also been awake pretty much ever since she was born, so if I don't make much sense sorrynotsorry.

My Instagram has been full of baby spam, but as a quick intro to Woo Be Red readers who don't follow me on there (AND WHY THE HECK NOT! You can do so here), I have chosen a select few pics so you can all have a peek and tell me just how cute she is. Aw.

Proud mama signing off for now, but will try and post as regularly as possible from now on. Honest.


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